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mining machinery

Mineral Processing EPC

Xinhai EPC provides services of samples test, mine design, equipment manufacture, etc. for clients, and solves the common problems in plant construction such as budget over-run, schedule delays, unqualified equipment, unclear recovery efficiency, disputes of the manufacturers, and unclear responsibility of after-sale service.In 1990s, Xinhai first proposed the concept of EPC in China, who leads the EPC service trend and provides minerals processing solutions for numerous small and medium-sized mines.

mining machinery

Mining Investment

At present, ITAO has become famous fine processing company of feldspar mineral in China benefitting from Xinhai technical and service support. In 2012, ITAO was awarded the title of "national green mine"---the highest honor of mine in China, which means the mine is environmental protection and energy saving. In 2013, ITAO hosted the Annual Meeting of China Kaolin Industry, which represented the strength of ITAO has been recognized by the domestic counterparts.

mining machinery

LFC Machinery

Xinhai group started by making mining equipment is be skilled in mechanical design, equipment manufacturing, equipment finishing, increasing equipment durability etc.. As everyone knows, the design complexity, equipment durability and the difficulty of manufacturing of mining machinery is much higher than these of the casting machine. We believe that the processing power of Xinhai casting must be the top in casting industry, and Xinhai equipment excellent performance in reliability, stability, durability etc. will make an impression on customers.

mining machinery

Wear-Resistant Rubber

The core technology of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber is rubber processing by liquid phase which enables us to provide international advanced wear-resistant rubber products. "Relying on the excellent physical performance (resistance to wear, acid and alkali, tear, etc.), Xinhai wet wear-resistant natural rubber fills the domestic industry blank and breaks up the technology and products monopoly of foreign companies, which has great significance for promoting technology progress of China rubber industry."